PT Barindo Anggun Industry (BAI) is a factory located in Surabaya with its main product BARINDO flow meters, various types of FUJI valves and other supporting products

BARINDO flow meters advantages:
1. Size 1/2" to 2" already SNI 2547: 2008 certified
2. Have acquired calibration test certificate from UPTD Metrologi Legal Surabaya
3. Three types of materials: brass, cast iron and plastic
4. Available for horizontal and vertical mounting
5. Food Grade standard. Safe for clean water and drinking water grid
6. Size available from 1/2 "to 12" (LD-210)
7. 1 (one) year warranty (terms and condition applied)


Menjadi supplier produk meter air terkemuka di Indonesia


Menyediakan produk meter air dan valve yang berkualitas dan harga kopetitf untuk semua kalangan baik perseorangan maupun perusahaan

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